WEBSITES as low as $12/month & no contract

We create effective attention getting commercials that engage current customer and get new ones. Television to non traditional stunts.

We create effective business identity solutions that include all element to the brand design including logos, wordmarks and icons.


Our highly skilled creative and development teams work together to create award winning interactive experiences.

The Studio of WiiMD.com        Services MD's  World Internet Information Max Division


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*call the offices of ServicesMD.com and ask for a Web Designer at  203-954-TEAR (8327) 10am to 6pm EST

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  • Pricing by contract

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  • FullService Creative

  • Photography

  • Copywriting

  • App Development

  • Print Design

  • Business Identity

Website Design • Franchising • BRANDING • ADVERTISING • INTERACTIVE • Hosting • Movies produced & Still shots directed • TV • cable • dish ads • social media • even family small personal name sites under your control, only seen by whom, when and where you want them viewed ----- then so much more!